China and Belarus Conduct Military Drills Near EU Border

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jul.09 - 2024 10:55 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
The Chinese Ministry of Defense confirmed Belarus's warm reception of its troops

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The joint military exercises between China and Belarus, named "Falcon Assault," commenced on Monday, July 8th, near the Polish border, a NATO member country, just ahead of the NATO summit.

New Forms and Methods

According to Ziare these maneuvers are scheduled to continue until July 19th and are taking place at a training ground near the city of Brest in southwest Belarus.

Major General Vadim Denisenko, head of Belarus's Special Operations Command, highlighted the purpose of these exercises in a Telegram post quoted by the Ministry of Defense, stating, "Events around the world are alarming, the situation is unstable, and therefore, we will practice new forms and methods to fulfill tactical tasks."

Leaders from NATO's 32 member countries are convening in Washington on Tuesday, July 9th, where military and financial support for Ukraine will be a key agenda item. The timing of these exercises and their proximity to NATO's activities underline heightened geopolitical tensions in the region.

Warm Reception for Chinese Troops

Belarus's cooperation with Russia, including allowing Russian forces to use its territory as a launchpad during the large-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, adds to the strategic implications of these maneuvers.

The Belarusian Ministry of Defense posted photos on Telegram showing Chinese troops arriving over the weekend and engaging in training activities, emphasizing joint anti-terrorism exercises and nighttime landing operations in populated areas.

The Chinese Ministry of Defense confirmed Belarus's warm reception of its troops and highlighted that the joint training aims to enhance coordination capabilities and deepen practical cooperation between the two militaries.

Meanwhile, Belarus's defense ministry warned about the rapid increase in NATO forces near its borders, attributing it to heightened regional tensions. The ministry reiterated Belarus's commitment to preventing escalation but cautioned of a robust response if its borders are crossed.