Israeli Defense Minister Announces Significant Progress in U.S. Arms Transfer

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jun.27 - 2024 8:13 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
Gallant's comments came after meetings with National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan

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Israeli Defense Minister Reports Breakthrough in Arms Transfer

During a visit to Washington, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced that significant progress has been made regarding the transfer of American weapons to Israel.

After discussions with various U.S. officials, Gallant noted that obstacles and blockages have been removed, facilitating advancements in strengthening Israel’s forces and delivering munitions, according to Hotnews.

"I would like to thank the American government and the American people for their unwavering support for the state of Israel," Gallant stated.

Key Meetings with U.S. Officials

Gallant's comments came after meetings with National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

According to the White House, Sullivan reaffirmed President Joe Biden’s commitment to ensuring Israel has the necessary military resources to defend itself and confront Iran-backed adversaries.

This follows recent accusations from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the U.S. was delaying arms shipments to Israel, which American officials have firmly denied, clarifying that only a single delivery, including 900-kilogram bombs, was frozen.

Clarifications and Continued Support

President Biden had previously suggested revisiting U.S. aid to Israel in the event of a major offensive in Rafah.

However, he later deemed Israel's operations in southern Gaza limited and did not pursue this review.

Gallant did not provide further details on the progress but emphasized the strengthened military support from the U.S. amid ongoing conflicts in Gaza against Hamas.