Over 30,000 Migrants in Russia Enlisted for Military Duty

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jun.27 - 2024 12:23 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
Bastrykin's proposal to revoke citizenship from migrants who refuse to participate in the SMO has sparked controversy.

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The chairman of Russia's Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, recently announced that over 30,000 migrants who obtained Russian passports have been enlisted for military service.

According to Lenta out of these, 10,000 new Russian citizens have been deployed to the zone of a special military operation (SMO). This move underscores Russia's strategy to integrate migrants into its defense forces amid ongoing military activities.

Bastrykin emphasized the necessity of enrolling foreigners into military service concurrent with their acquisition of Russian citizenship.

Speaking at the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, he justified this approach by highlighting the need for skilled labor in digging trenches and constructing fortifications, tasks crucial for supporting rear units of the military.

Controversy and Legal Measures

Bastrykin's proposal to revoke citizenship from migrants who refuse to participate in the SMO has sparked controversy.

"If you are not willing to fulfill your military duty as a Russian citizen, then a decision must be made to strip such individuals of their citizenship," he asserted. T

his stance reflects a stringent approach towards enforcing military obligations among new citizens, especially migrants integrated into the Russian society.

In various regions across Russia, authorities have intensified efforts to enforce military registration among migrants.

Operations in Chelyabinsk Oblast and Rostov-on-Don targeted migrants who had not registered for military service despite acquiring Russian citizenship.

'Dozens were detained during raids in nightclubs and hostels, with some facing administrative penalties. This crackdown illustrates Russia's proactive measures to ensure compliance with military obligations among its migrant population.

Enforcement Actions and Public Reaction

In Voronezh, a significant number of migrants were apprehended at the construction site of the "Fakel" stadium.

Footage showed workers being escorted by police and military personnel, underscoring the seriousness of enforcing military registration laws.

Similar incidents have occurred elsewhere, highlighting ongoing efforts by Russian authorities to integrate migrant labor into military support roles, despite resistance and criticism from human rights advocates.

As debates continue over the balance between national security imperatives and individual rights, the enforcement of military obligations among migrants remains a contentious issue in Russia.