Putin Makes Major Shakeup in Russian Defense Ministry Leadership

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jun.17 - 2024 5:41 PM CET

Foto: Shutterstock.com
Foto: Shutterstock.com
Putin has also authorized the Minister of Defense to have twelve deputies.

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Significant changes have taken place within the leadership of Russia's Ministry of Defense. President Vladimir Putin issued decrees removing four deputy ministers from their positions and appointing an equal number of new deputies in their place.

Additionally, Putin has authorized the Minister of Defense to have twelve deputies, up from the current eleven.

Long-Serving Aides Removed

Among those removed from their posts were First Deputy Minister of Defense Ruslan Tsalikov, Deputy Ministers Nikolai Pankov, Tatyana Shevtsova, and Pavel Popov. Popov was also discharged from military service. They left their positions on June 17.

Minister of Defense Andrey Belousov held a meeting with the four officials, thanking them for their years of dedicated service and wishing them success in their future endeavors.

Ruslan Tsalikov had worked closely with former Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu for over 20 years, holding deputy positions under Shoigu in various capacities since 2000. Tatyana Shevtsova had been Deputy Minister of Defense since 2010, overseeing the financial support of the Russian Armed Forces. Pavel Popov, a deputy since 2013, oversaw the creation of the National Defense Management Center. Nikolai Pankov had been in his role since 2005, transitioning to a federal civil servant in 2009 while retaining his deputy minister position.

New Appointments Announced

According to Lenta Putin's decrees also announced the appointment of new deputy ministers. Leonid Gornin was named First Deputy Minister, with Oleg Savelyev, Pavel Fradkov, and Anna Tsivileva appointed as deputy ministers.

Gornin previously served as Deputy Minister of Finance, where he oversaw various budgetary policies. Anna Tsivileva, former chair of the "Defenders of the Fatherland" foundation and wife of the former governor of Kemerovo Oblast and current Minister of Energy, Sergey Tsivilev, will now serve as a deputy minister. Pavel Fradkov, formerly the First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration and the younger son of former Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov, also joins the Ministry of Defense leadership. Oleg Savelyev, appointed in May, will serve as the head of the ministry’s administrative office, having previously held roles in the Ministry of Economic Development and as Minister for Crimea Affairs.

New Deputies' Responsibilities

The Ministry of Defense outlined the responsibilities of the new deputy ministers. Pavel Fradkov will manage property, land resources, and construction projects for the Ministry. Leonid Gornin will oversee financial support for the Armed Forces, focusing on transparency and efficient use of budgetary funds. Anna Tsivileva will be responsible for social and housing support for military personnel, aiming to enhance the quality and human-centered aspects of these processes.

Furthermore, Vladimir Putin has permitted the Ministry of Defense to have twelve deputy ministers, including two First Deputies, a State Secretary, a Head of the Main Military-Political Directorate, and a Chief of Staff.