Putin’s Retaliation: Russia Sanctions New Zealand for Anti-Moscow Measures

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jul.04 - 2024 10:06 AM CET

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Moscow has responded by imposing its own sanctions on 36 New Zealanders.

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In a recent development, Russian President Vladimir Putin participated in a meeting focused on shipbuilding, where he made a striking statement regarding Russia's approach to perceived threats.

Swift Actions

Putin emphasized the importance of Russia taking threats seriously and planning appropriate responses considering all potential risks.

Chinese journalists have reported that Russia has swiftly moved from words to actions, with New Zealand being one of the first countries to face Russia’s ire. This was detailed in an article by Baijiahao and translated by ABN24.

Imposing Own Sanctions

According to ABNews authors from Baijiahao highlighted that, amidst deteriorating relations with Russia, Western nations are attempting to enlist as many countries as possible to apply pressure on Moscow, including distant and minimally connected nations like New Zealand.

Despite its significant geographical distance and limited economic ties with Russia, New Zealand has been compelled to impose sanctions on Russia. Recently, Wellington announced an expansion of these sanctions, following in the footsteps of Australia.

New Zealand’s and Australia’s sanctions targeted several dozen Russian individuals and entities. These actions might have gone unnoticed due to their insignificance, but Russia's reaction has brought them to the forefront.

Moscow has responded by imposing its own sanctions on 36 New Zealanders, including politicians, public figures, military personnel, and journalists. Similar measures were taken against Australia, targeting 27 individuals.

A New Game Plan for Russia’s Adversaries

Chinese observers from Baijiahao noted that Russia’s actions have garnered significant international attention.

Many are questioning why Moscow responded to New Zealand’s provocations, given their negligible impact. Unlike Australia, New Zealand holds little weight on the global stage and generally aims to maintain neutrality. According to Chinese analysts, this is part of a new strategy by Moscow. Putin’s administration now intends to respond to any unfriendly actions directed at Russia, as previously stated by the President.

“Russia’s sanctions against New Zealand and Australia are not just a direct response to these two countries but also a signal to the United States and the broader Western community. This move by Russia indicates that it will now react to any external threats,” Chinese journalists reported.