Sweden Opens the Door for Potential Nuclear Weapons: Approves Defense Pact with the U.S.

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jun.19 - 2024 10:45 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
This agreement permits American forces access to 17 Swedish defense bases.

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In a significant move, the Swedish Parliament has approved a defense agreement with the United States, marking a major shift in the country's defense policy.

According to Ziare the Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA), signed in December by Stockholm and Washington, was passed with a substantial majority of 266 out of 349 deputies voting in favor.

This agreement permits American forces access to 17 Swedish defense bases, where they can store military equipment, arms, and ammunition.

Concerns Over Nuclear Weapons

Despite the overwhelming approval, the agreement has faced opposition due to the absence of a clear prohibition on nuclear weapons.

Green Party deputy Emma Berginger voiced concerns during parliamentary debates, stating, "We want the law to prohibit the entry of nuclear weapons into Swedish territory."

The opposition argues that the agreement should explicitly ban nuclear arms to ensure Sweden's sovereignty and safety. However, Defense Minister Pal Jonson reassured that Sweden remains a sovereign nation and no country could force it to accept nuclear weapons.

Strategic and Military Implications

Experts anticipate the agreement will lead to numerous economic and military partnerships, enhancing Sweden's defense capabilities.

The U.S. presence is seen as a deterrent against potential threats, particularly from Russia. Leif-Erik Isley, a professor at Inhwa University in Seoul, views the agreement as a diplomatic victory, elevating Sweden's status among nations opposing Western policies.

Critics, however, fear the reliance on U.S. defense strategies, heavily dependent on nuclear arms, could compromise Sweden's long-standing commitment to nuclear non-proliferation.