Ancient “Horoscope” Scroll Found In the Judean Desert: A Look into an Enigmatic Sect

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.26 - 2024 8:40 PM CET

Photo: Shai Halevy / Isreal Antiquities Authority on Facebook
Photo: Shai Halevy / Isreal Antiquities Authority on Facebook
A remarkable and enigmatic artifact known as the “Horoscope” scroll has been unearthed in the Judean Desert, providing a fascinating glimpse into ancient astrology and mysticism.

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One of the most fascinating and enigmatic finds from the Judean Desert is the "Horoscope" scroll. This ancient text sheds light on the ancient practices of astrology and mysticism in a discovery that has intrigued historians and archaeologists alike.

The "Horoscope" scroll provides an unparalleled glimpse into the world of a secretive sect that thrived millennia ago. It outlines a cosmology where one's birth date not only signifies their zodiac sign but also prescribes their physical traits and the intrinsic balance of light and darkness within their being.

"From the writing style, it seems the text was intended only for those who were supposed to know how to read it," observes Dr. Oren Ableman, a researcher at the Judaean Desert Scrolls Unit of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

An Ancient Secret

“The texts were apparently secret, comprehensible only to the leadership of the Scrolls sect,” Dr. Ableman suggests.

The scroll proposes a fascinating theory: a person's physical characteristics are determined by the amount of light or darkness in their soul, with each calendar date corresponding to specific cosmic qualities that influence the nature of anyone born on that day.

The "Horoscope" scroll reveals a stringent initiation ritual for new members of the community, referred to as "children of light."

Dr. Ableman elaborates, “This document likely served as a guide for constructing ‘horoscopes’ based on birth dates to ascertain an individual’s nature and physicality. Entrants had to demonstrate their alignment with the sect's virtuous principles. Essentially, adherence to the group's doctrines and rituals might not suffice without the correct birth date or physical conformities.”

The discovery of this scroll has renewed interest in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the mystical sects of the ancient Judean Desert, serving as a reminder of humanity's perpetual quest for knowledge and the mystical.

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