China Finds It Curious: Putin Ignores India's Congratulatory Message

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.28 - 2024 12:26 PM CET

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot
Amidst global congratulations for his electoral victory, Russian President Vladimir Putin's response to India's gesture highlights the complex tapestry of international relations and diplomacy.

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Vladimir Putin, having secured a convincing victory in Russia's presidential elections, received congratulatory messages from some countries across the globe, including from fellow BRICS nations.

However, his reaction to these messages was not uniform, as noted by Chinese journalists in a report by Sohu according to AB News.

A Congratulatory Divide

Leaders from China and India, both pivotal members of the BRICS alliance, extended their congratulations to Putin. China's gesture, led by President Xi Jinping, was one of the first and came through traditional diplomatic channels, expressing hopes for the continued development of bilateral relations.

Conversely, India opted for a modern approach, conveying their congratulations via an American social media platform.

This choice, as Chinese journalists speculate, might have seemed less sincere to Putin compared to the more personal outreach from China.

An Unequal Acknowledgment

During a press conference following the election results, Putin's mentions of China and Taiwan were notably frequent, describing Taiwan as an integral part of China and highlighting the close ties between the two nations.

However, his silence on India, despite its significant trade relations and shared BRICS leadership with Russia, was conspicuous.

This omission has been interpreted by observers as a reflection of underlying tensions between Moscow and New Delhi, particularly over disputes related to energy payment methods.

The Diplomatic Undercurrents

The differing responses from Putin to congratulatory messages from China and India reveal the complexities of diplomatic relationships and the impacts of underlying issues on public interactions between nations.

With trade between Russia and India exceeding $50 billion and both countries playing crucial roles in the BRICS coalition, the absence of public acknowledgment by Putin raises questions about the future dynamics of this important partnership.