China Sets Ambitious Growth Target, Deemed Achievable by Experts

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.05 - 2024 9:23 PM CET

Photo: EarnestTse | Shutterstock
Photo: EarnestTse | Shutterstock
China Sets Ambitious Growth Target, Deemed Achievable by Experts.

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In a significant announcement at the National People’s Congress, China’s premier political gathering, Premier Li Qiang outlined a series of economic goals for the upcoming year, aiming to steer the country towards sustained growth amid global economic challenges.

The set target of 5% annual growth, while slightly below the previous year's 5.2%, reflects an ambitious yet pragmatic approach given the backdrop of recent economic hurdles, including the pandemic-induced lockdowns.

Geopolitical analyst Mikkel Rosenvold from Steno Research commented,

“This 5% growth target can be sold as quite ambitious internally in China while still being quite realistic to actually achieve,” highlighting the strategic balance China seeks to maintain between ambition and feasibility.

Additionally, Premier Li's financial roadmap includes maintaining the Consumer Price Index (CPI) growth at 3%, echoing last year's targets.

The fiscal deficit goal is also set at 3%, underscoring a commitment to economic stability. In terms of employment, the government aims for an unemployment rate of 5.5% and the creation of 12 million urban jobs, addressing one of the most pressing concerns for the populace and ensuring social stability.

Despite these comprehensive plans, some investors voiced their dissatisfaction, as revealed by Financial Times, hoping for a more aggressive fiscal stimulus to invigorate the economy further. This sentiment underscores the high expectations and the scrutinizing eye of the global market on China's economic policies.

The unfolding of these targets will be closely watched, not only within China but by international observers and markets, as they will significantly influence global economic dynamics and confidence in China's economic management in the post-pandemic world.

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