Lieutenant Colonel Fined for Having Long Hair

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jun.11 - 2024 8:14 AM CET

A lieutenant colonel was fined for having too long hair.

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A lieutenant colonel in Austria’s Armed Forces has been fined 3,000 euros by the Federal Disciplinary Office for violating military hair regulations.

The officer, who leads the military security department, was found guilty of having hair that was too long on four occasions.

Austrian military guidelines mandate that soldiers’ hair must be cut short, ensuring eyes and ears remain uncovered.

Regulations and Violations

The order on the appearance of Austrian military personnel specify that soldiers must keep their hair short, preventing it from covering their eyes and ears.

Despite these rules, the lieutenant colonel tied his long hair into a ponytail, a style permitted only for female soldiers.

According to Heute, the lieutenant colonel defended his choice, stating that he wears long hair out of conviction and "for personal and family reasons."

He expressed feelings of discrimination compared to female soldiers, arguing that the rules were unfairly applied.

Gender Identification and Legal Outcome

During the disciplinary review, it was revealed that the lieutenant colonel identifies his gender as "various."

However, he is registered as a man within the Austrian Ministry of Defense's system, making him subject to the male hairstyle regulations.

This led to the ruling that he was in violation of the rules and the subsequent 3,000-euro fine.

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