Rescue Operation Underway: Four Miners Trapped in Polish Mine

Written by Henrik Rothen

May.14 - 2024 11:13 AM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Rescue efforts continue for four miners trapped in the Wesoła mine in Poland following a seismic event.

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A significant rescue operation is currently underway at the Wesoła coal mine in Mysłowice, following a seismic event that trapped four miners underground. This is reported by several Polish media including TvRepublika.

The incident occurred at a depth of 665 meters around 3:30 AM (Local time), leading to the immediate evacuation of most workers.

Unfortunately, four miners remain unaccounted for, and rescue teams are actively searching for them.

Incident Details

The seismic tremor struck the mine early in the morning, with 15 workers present at the time.

While 11 of them were successfully evacuated, efforts are still ongoing to locate and rescue the remaining four miners, as confirmed by Polska Grupa Górnicza (PGG), the company managing the mine.

The Wesoła mine, part of the larger Mysłowice-Wesoła mining complex, is one of Poland's largest coal mining operations.

It is known for its extensive production of hard coal, contributing significantly to the country's coal output.

Rescue Efforts

Emergency response teams have been deployed to the site, utilizing specialized equipment and techniques to navigate the challenging conditions underground.

The focus remains on ensuring the safety and swift rescue of the trapped miners. At this moment, the condition of the four miners remains unknown.

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