Technical Glitch Shuts Down Part of Norway's Airspace

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.25 - 2024 1:38 PM CET

A technical failure led to the closure of airspace over part of Norway.

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A technical failure in Norway caused the temporary closure of airspace over the southern part of the country, leading to significant delays at Oslo's airport, one of Scandinavia's busiest aviation hubs. The incident disrupted air traffic for over three hours, affecting flights across Europe.

Technical Glitch at Oslo Control Center

Avinor, the state-owned company that operates most of Norway's civilian airports, announced that a technical error at the Oslo control center was the cause of the airspace closure. This failure led to a significant restriction in air traffic over southern Norway.

Following the disruption, air traffic was gradually restored, but Avinor indicated that delays would persist throughout the day. Priority was given to long-haul flights to minimize the impact on international travel.

"It will be a long time before we are fully back to normal," Avinor spokesperson Katrin Fuglesang Framholt told the Norwegian news outlet NTB.

Impact on European Air Traffic

The airspace closure in Norway comes at a time when European air traffic is already experiencing disruptions.

A planned strike by French air traffic control workers has contributed to delays and cancellations across much of Europe. This follows a recent incident at Chisinau airport in Moldova, where a bomb threat led to the evacuation of passengers and staff from the airport building.

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