VIDEO: Floor Collapses in Chinese Mall, Traps Woman and Worker

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.30 - 2024 8:06 PM CET

Photo: X
Photo: X
A routine shopping trip turns into a nightmare as a mall floor gives way, leaving a woman and a construction worker fighting for their lives amid rubble.

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A routine day at a shopping center in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, took a harrowing turn when a section of the floor suddenly gave way, plunging a woman and a construction worker into a terrifying situation.

The incident, vividly captured by CCTV, saw a shopper disappear into the depths of the mall along with racks of fashion merchandise.

The Moment of Shock

As the CCTV footage later revealed, the woman was merely crossing the store's floor when it collapsed beneath her, creating a scene of chaos and panic. The video, which has since circulated widely online, showcases the dramatic moment of the collapse, leaving viewers aghast at the suddenness of the disaster.

Following the collapse, emergency crews were quick to respond, managing to free both the trapped woman and the construction worker from the debris.

Their prompt action was crucial in preventing a tragic outcome.

The victims were rushed to a nearby hospital, where they have since been reported in stable condition, a relief to the community and to their anxious families.

Investigating the Cause

The mall's management has pointed to potential damage to a load-bearing wall as the likely cause of the collapse.

An ongoing investigation aims to uncover the precise reasons behind the incident, ensuring that such a perilous event does not recur.

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