Woman Arrested for Attempting to Use Corpse to Sign Bank Loan

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.18 - 2024 10:13 AM CET

Photo: realengotv on X
Photo: realengotv on X
"He was already dead when he entered the bank," the police stated.

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Brazilian police have arrested Erika Vieira Nunes, who attempted to secure a bank loan by wheeling in a deceased 68-year-old man, claiming he was alive, into a Rio de Janeiro bank. This was reported by CNA.

The incident, which occurred on Tuesday, has garnered widespread attention on social media.

Grim Discovery at the Bank

Nunes entered the bank with the elderly man in a wheelchair and attempted to apply for a loan in his name. Suspicious bank employees quickly alerted emergency services after observing Nunes struggling to make the man sign loan documents.

Security footage captured Nunes manipulating the man's hand in an attempt to sign the papers and propping up his head, which fell back when she let go.

At one point, she was heard saying, "Uncle, are you listening? You need to sign," followed by assurances to the bank staff that his unresponsiveness was typical behavior.

The situation escalated when paramedics arrived and confirmed that the man was indeed deceased, leading to Nunes' arrest. The body was subsequently moved to a morgue for further examination.

Police investigations revealed that Nunes claimed to be the man's niece and was trying to withdraw 17,000 reais (about US$3,250) in his name.

Legal Repercussions

Nunes faces charges of attempted theft by fraud and defiling a cadaver. Local investigation chief Fabio Luiz commented on the case, stating, "She tried to make it look like he was signing the papers, but he was already dead when he entered the bank."

Further complicating Nunes' defense, forensic analysis determined that the man had died earlier while lying down, contradicting her claim that he had passed away at the bank.

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