Woman Rented Apartment for Three Days Only: A Month Later, She Still Hadn't Left

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.15 - 2023 9:29 AM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
A Month Later, She Still Hadn't Left.

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The judicial court of Narbonne in France delivered its verdict regarding a mother who had been occupying an apartment in Port-la-Nouvelle, Aude, for several weeks, an apartment she had initially rented for three days via Leboncoin (Similar to Craigslist).

According to Midilibre, the court determined that the woman, who refused to vacate since November 8, had entered into a seasonal rental agreement and not a long-term lease.

Despite her claims of having no alternative housing for herself and her children, the court found her occupation to be illicit and ordered her immediate eviction, with police assistance if necessary.

The woman, hailing from Clermont-Ferrand, had informed the owners of her predicament through a text message on November 11. However, the owners found themselves legally powerless to reclaim their property, even organizing a protest on November 17.

At a hearing on December 4, which the occupant did not attend, the court ultimately sided with the owners. Citing the clear bad faith of the occupant, the court excused the owners from the requirement to issue a formal notice to vacate.

The occupant was ordered to pay a monthly occupation fee of 1,200 euros ($1.300), 500 euros ($550) for moral damages, and 750 euros($822) to cover the owners' legal costs.

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