Fans can't believe what happened to this superstar's face in new interview

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.08 - 2023 12:49 PM CET


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Zac Efron, the 36-year-old actor, has once again become the topic of discussion among fans due to his appearance in a new video related to the upcoming film "The Iron Claw".

Last year, Efron clarified that his changed facial appearance was not the result of cosmetic procedures, but rather a severe accident in 2013 where he slipped and broke his jaw on a granite waterfall.

Despite this explanation, his appearance in a video interview with Entertainment Weekly for "The Iron Claw" has caught significant attention on social media, as reported by Daily Mail.

Several online comments and posts have raised questions about his broader jawline, with some even drawing comparisons to characters like Thanos from "Avengers" and Prince Farquaad from "Shrek".

Photographs from the set of "The Iron Claw," set to premiere in December, further fueled the discussions about his looks. However, there are also voices defending Efron, reminding others of the accident he had suffered.

Efron himself seems unfazed by the public's opinions about his appearance.

He has previously stated that if he valued what people thought of him as much as they might believe, he wouldn't be able to do his job. This statement reflects his focus on his work rather than public perception.

See promo from "The Iron Claw" and judge for yourself right here: