Jab at Crown Prince Frederik: 'Will he run with Genoveva Casanova instead of his family?'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.12 - 2023 4:00 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
'Will he run with Genoveva Casanova instead of his family?'

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Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has recently been the subject of widespread media attention across several continents, unfortunately not for commendable reasons.

Last Wednesday, the Spanish media outlet Lecturas published exclusive photos allegedly showing Denmark's future king dining at a fine restaurant with Mexican Genoveva Casanova. According to the outlet's sources, the Crown Prince reportedly spent the night at her apartment afterwards.

The story has been picked up by media outlets nationwide, with even body language experts attempting to interpret the situation in recent days.

Since the story broke, the Danish royal household has received more attention than usual, evident on the Royal House's Instagram profile. Posts are flooded with comments, and not just from Danes.

"Who will he run with?"

None of the posts on the Royal House's profile address the mentioned story, yet it's almost exclusively what the comments on recent posts are about.

Unfortunately for the Royal House and the Crown Prince, it seems only a minority are in support, with many already judging the Crown Prince for actions he may or may not have committed.

Recently, the Royal House uploaded a video promoting the upcoming 'Royal Run', but it's not the royal race that's garnering attention. Instead, the focus is primarily on comments regarding Crown Prince Frederik and Genoveva Casanova.

(See the post below)

"The throne should pass directly to Christian if true"

One of the top comments on the Royal House's post, written by a Spaniard, reads:

"Will he run with Genoveva Casanova instead of his family?"

Another person noted that the Crown Prince's wedding ring was prominently displayed:

"Just saying hi and flashing the wedding ring"

While a third person went as far as to suggest that the Crown Prince should be denied the chance to become Denmark's future king if the story holds true:

"If this is true, the government should propose that the throne passes directly to Christian (Frederiks son), bypassing Crown Prince Frederik"

The Royal House has since uploaded another post on Instagram featuring the Crown Prince, and once again, the comments are about the Lecturas story, not the post itself. You can see it below:

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