Singer Naira Alexopoulou Was Offered €20.000 to 'Spend a Night' While She was Just 15

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.07 - 2024 3:00 PM CET

Photo: TV
Photo: TV
Singer Naira Alexopoulou Was Offered €20.000 to 'Spend a Night' While She was Just 15.

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The famous Greek singer, Naira Alexopoulou, recently opened up in an interview with the newspaper On Time and journalist Sasha Stamati about the unethical propositions she has faced throughout her career.

Starting her work in the nightlife scene at just 15 years old, Alexopoulou shared her experiences with navigating the challenges and dangers of her early career, including receiving propositions that tested her resolve.

Offerede €20.000 to 'Spend the Night'

Alexopoulou recounted a particularly shocking proposal where an individual offered her €20,000 ($21.500) to spend the night with them. This while she was only 15 years old.

"In order to survive, I had to take life into my own hands, not depend on my family. It was too dangerous to work at night when I was 15. They offered me, when I was underage, to pay me to go for a night with them. They used to tell me "I'll give you that much, do you want it?". In fact, I remember, one had offered me the sum of 20,000 euros for one night. " she said in the Interview.

However, she declined all the offers and fought hard to get to where she is today. Despite the numerous appalling proposals, she was not intimidated by them.

"I was a very dynamic kid, and all these did not daunt me or alter my character," she stated.

Overcoming Challenges

The singer also spoke about the difficulties she faced, including periods of financial instability and unemployment.

Despite these hardships, the support from her mother provided her with the strength to persevere and rebuild her career. Alexopoulou's journey underscores the resilience required to navigate the entertainment industry, especially as a young artist exposed to potentially exploitative situations.

Her experiences shed light on the darker aspects of the entertainment world, highlighting the importance of personal strength and the support of loved ones in overcoming adversities.