Add a Few Drops to Your Egg Boiling: The Shell Will Peel Off Instantly

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.19 - 2024 7:00 PM CET

The Shell Will Peel Off Instantly.

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Once considered unhealthy for raising blood cholesterol levels, eggs have since been vindicated. Research has shown that eggs are a source of many essential vitamins and minerals. However, peeling them remains a major challenge in their consumption. But there's a simple trick to make it easier.

Evony: Simple but Not Easy

Cooking eggs for a salad or an egg paste and struggling to peel them is a common frustration. The shell sticks and the egg seems to crumble in your hands, looking as if it's been mishandled by a novice.

You wonder how to prevent this from happening again. The solution is to add a few drops of a certain substance to the boiling water.

This Trick Makes Egg Peeling Effortless

Experienced homemakers can tackle any culinary problem, be it burnt pots or sticky pancakes. They know the difficulties average people face, including properly peeling boiled eggs. The outer layer clings to the egg, and in trying to remove it, chunks of the white often come off too. This not only looks unappealing but also leads to food wastage.

Housewives have found the perfect solution.

Likely through trial and error, they've discovered this simple trick. When boiling eggs, add 2-3 lemon slices or a tablespoon of squeezed lemon juice to the water. That's the whole philosophy. Remember, hard-boiled eggs should be cooked for 8-10 minutes once the water starts boiling. For soft-boiled eggs, the cooking time is reduced to 3-4 minutes.

Let us know any other simple culinary tips you have! Remember, if something seems silly but works, it's not silly at all.

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