'Strictly Come Dancing'-star Amy Dowden experiences heartbreaking hair loss

Written by Henrik Rothen

Aug.21 - 2023 3:13 PM CET

Foto: Wikipedia Commons
Foto: Wikipedia Commons
Strictly Come Dancing-star Amy Dowden experiences heartbreaking hair loss.

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Popular "Strictly Come Dancing" star, Amy Dowden, was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. Over the past months, she has courageously shared her battle against the disease with her fans.

However, in a recent update, Dowden revealed a more somber side of her treatment journey. Following her second round of chemotherapy, she began to experience hair loss.

Dowden shared a video on Instagram, gently combing her hair, showcasing the strands falling out. She described the experience as "heartbreaking" and expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support and kind messages from her fans.

She explained that even though she had mentally prepared for the hair loss, witnessing it was still a tough ordeal.

The professional dancer, however, decided to face the issue head-on.

Despite the emotional toll of the hair loss, she's determined to wear a wig to regain a sense of her usual self. Dowden initially discovered she had stage three breast cancer in May and underwent a mastectomy in June to combat the illness. Post-surgery, doctors unfortunately identified another type of cancer during a follow-up check.

Dowden has now undergone two rounds of chemotherapy, during which she wore a cold cap. According to the NHS, this can help prevent hair loss by reducing the amount of medication reaching the scalp.

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