Do You Like Sleeping on Your Right Side? Here's Why You Might Want to Change Your Position

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.13 - 2024 9:43 AM CET

Here's Why You Might Want to Change Your Position.

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It's safe to say that for many of us, sleeping on our side with legs curled up is one of our favorite positions.

Scientists see many benefits in sleeping on the side, but they have some concerns about sleeping specifically on the right side. We explain what this is all about.

Sometimes we fall asleep on one side of the bed and wake up on the other. We just don't control our body at night. Some people love sleeping on their stomach, and in the morning, they find themselves sleeping on their back.

Sleeping on the Right Side: What Are the Consequences?

The position in which we sleep significantly affects not only our well-being but also our health. According to scientists from Onet, sleeping on the right side puts a heavy strain on the heart.

Medical experts explain that the aorta bends to the left, so sleeping in this position forces the blood to travel from the bottom up, against the force of gravity.

Moreover, sleeping on the right side can cause heartburn.

Remember, sleeping on the right side means the stomach presses on the pancreas, which in turn affects the movement of stomach acids towards the esophagus. Sleeping in this position can also cause digestive problems.

Why? Because a significant part of the intestine's work is done on the right side of the body. That's where we also have the ileocecal valve responsible for delivering waste from the small intestine to the large intestine.

And What About Sleeping on the Left Side?

Sleeping in this way facilitates heart pumping and improves circulation. This position is especially recommended for people suffering from heart diseases and pregnant women.

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