Here Are The 4 Laundry Detergent Brands to Avoid, According To "60 Million Consumers"

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.17 - 2024 9:11 PM CET

Here Are The 4 Laundry Detergent Brands to Avoid, According To "60 Million Consumers"

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Taking good care of one's laundry necessarily involves choosing the most suitable laundry detergent possible. While some brands are recommended, others, on the contrary, should be avoided.

Here are the 4 laundry detergent brands to avoid, according to "60 Million Consumers."

Chemical components, colorants, detergents used... The laundry detergents utilized by the people all over the world are the result of sophisticated processes developed in laboratories with the common goal of effectively removing stains.

However, not all brands are created equal, and among the multitude of products on the market, some should be avoided as established by "60 Million Consumers" in a survey published in April 2023.

Specifically, four brands in particular are to be banned, emphasizes the consumer advocacy magazine, which arrived at this conclusion after scrutinizing around thirty products.

All Classified in Category E

This panel of thirty brands, which also included detergents specialized for dark tones and colors, were tested on three main criteria: their efficiency, impact on textiles, and health.

And the four brands that had the most negative performances in these three categories are "Omo Natural Essences, Roses and White Lilac," "Persil with Marseille Soap," "Bouquet de Provence XTra three in one with Marseille Soap," and finally "Ariel Power Alpine." All were classified in category E, the lowest.

The presence of irritating and toxic enzymes is particularly regrettable. Liquid detergents sometimes contain thiazolinones and sodium laureth sulfate, components that can harm the environment and health.

Pods Detergents Preferred

Consumers can, however, find reassurance. Compared to liquid detergents, the magazine highlights pod detergents, which are better rated. Of course, not all liquid detergents are dangerous either. Thus, the top-ranked product of this survey is "Maison Verte Bioactive" with an overall score of 14/20, receiving a B for health and a C for the environment.

Generally, pod detergents are considered healthier than liquid detergents. The reason is that they contain fewer or no harmful preservatives. The top 4 pod detergents are well above average, with a special mention for Xéor pod detergent, a store brand from E. Leclerc, which scored 15/20.

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