Mom shares incredible cleaning tip – People are amazed

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.13 - 2023 3:21 PM CET

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Photo: Private
Mom shares incredible cleaning tip.

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A mother has shared a brilliant tip on how to effortlessly clean your oven, leaving other moms in a large Facebook group completely amazed by its effectiveness.

When it comes to cleaning, there are several places in the house that people often put off until later. One of these is the oven, as it can take a long time to clean. Fortunately, there are creative moms who are willing to share their tips with others.

The mom shared her advice in a Facebook group called "Moms Who Clean," focusing on how to clean the dirty grates and trays that often become filthy and rusty in the oven and usually take a lot of effort to clean.

With her simple tip, they become clean in no time, and it neither requires hard work nor is it expensive.

Dishwasher tablets and aluminum foil

You probably already have the ingredients at home. If you want to start cleaning the interior of your oven, all you need are two dishwasher tablets and some aluminum foil. Now you're ready to clean your rusty grates and trays and make them look brand new.

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How to Do It

First, wrap your grates and trays in aluminum foil. Then, place them in a sink filled with very hot or boiling water. Finally, add one or two dishwasher tablets on top and wait.

"Let it sit for an hour. Then remove the aluminum foil, and you can wipe off all the dirt with a cloth," she explains in her Facebook post.

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The chemical reaction between the dishwasher tablets and the aluminum foil dissolves all the dirt and rust on your grate or tray, making it easy to wipe off with a cloth afterward.

The post quickly went viral in the 97,000-member group, and people were completely amazed by the trick and how easy it was to clean. "I can't believe how well it worked," wrote one person, while another was completely amazed by the result.

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