Austria's Chancellor Stands Firm: Misrepresenting Aggressors as Victims in Conflicts is Unacceptable

Written by Henrik Rothen

May.09 - 2024 7:47 AM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Misrepresenting Aggressors as Victims in Conflicts is Unacceptable.

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During a commemorative event in Vienna, marking the liberation from National Socialism and the end of World War II, Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer made a powerful statement against distorting the roles of aggressor and victim, particularly in the context of Russia's current military actions in Ukraine.

Nehammer's remarks underscore a deep commitment to historical accuracy and moral clarity in discussing modern conflicts.

Reflecting on Europe's Painful Past

Chancellor Nehammer highlighted the profound suffering caused by Russia's aggressive war on Ukraine, which he said revived the specter of war in Europe—a continent that, post-World War II, had vowed to renounce conflict as a means of resolution.

"Although it was after the Second World War that we managed to wrest from each other this commitment to never fight again, effectively putting an end to the killing of millions that had been going on for centuries in Europe," Nehammer reflected during the event.

Nehammer stressed the importance of vigilance against attempts to invert the roles of criminal and victim in discussions about the war.

This vigilance, he suggested, is crucial in maintaining the principles of a defensive democracy, where such distortions are not just misleading but potentially harmful.

Expanding his focus, the Chancellor also addressed the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, emphasizing that the suffering in the Gaza Strip could end with the capitulation of Hamas—a stance he believes should be firmly supported by the West.

Domestic Controversies

Nehammer's comments come at a time when political tensions in Austria are palpable, particularly regarding the positions of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), which has faced criticism for its pro-Russian stance and anti-Ukrainian rhetoric.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Austria has condemned the FPÖ's campaign strategies, which they argue distort the nature of Russia's actions in Ukraine and insult the Ukrainian people.

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