Bad News for Putin: France To Supply Long-Range Missiles to Ukraine

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.17 - 2024 1:57 PM CET

France To Supply Long-Range Missiles to Ukraine.

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During a press conference on January 16, 2024, in Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed strong support for Kyiv, "to prevent Russia from winning" in its invasion of Ukraine. According to French RFI, Macron announced he "will visit Ukraine in February" and that France "will deliver a series of new weapons" to Kyiv.

Among the weapons soon to be delivered to Ukraine are 40 long-range Scalp missiles and "several hundred bombs". President Macron also mentioned that France "is finalizing a security agreement" with Kyiv, similar to the agreement signed between the United Kingdom and Ukraine on January 12, with a ten-year term. President Macron himself will announce this agreement during his visit to Ukraine.

Furthermore, France and the European Union "will make several new decisions in the coming weeks and months to prevent Russia from winning". Macron stated:

"For me, the greatest risk is Russia's invasion war in Ukraine. We cannot let Russia win, we must not do that because the security of all of Europe and of Russia's neighboring countries will be affected. To let Russia win means accepting that the rules of the international order, as we have defined them, may not be respected. Our friends in the Baltic countries, Poland, Romania, will no longer be able to live. I also do not forget Moldova and the countries in the Caucasus region. Therefore, we must do everything (to prevent Russia from winning). For me, that is the main issue that requires our full commitment and presents a challenge."

President of Ukraine Calls for Increased Sanctions Against Russia

On the afternoon of January 17, President Macron attended the World Economic Forum - WEF in Davos, Switzerland. Also at this forum, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky continuously met with world leaders and heads of large corporations to mobilize support for Ukraine.

According to AFP, in a speech to about 1,500 people on January 16, Zelensky condemned President "Putin as the embodiment of war, he will not change".

According to the Ukrainian president, the most effective measure is "to make him lose as much as possible" through increased sanctions, including the nuclear industry, which has not yet been sanctioned.

From Russia's side, "we will never be forced to give up our achievements," stated President Vladimir Putin on television on January 16. He also rejected "what is called the peace formula" that the West and Ukraine are discussing, implying the high-level peace conference for Ukraine that Switzerland will organize at the request of President Zelensky.