Battle for Bakhmut: Ukrainian troops inflict major losses on Russian forces

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.21 - 2023 7:15 AM CET


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Colonel-General Oleksandr Syrskyi, the Commander of Ukraine's Ground Forces, has reported ongoing heavy fighting near Bakhmut, on his Telegram channel.

Russian forces continue to launch assaults, particularly targeting the Klishchiivka area, in an attempt to displace Ukrainian defenders. However, Ukrainian defense forces are maintaining their positions, inflicting significant losses on Russian troops in terms of both manpower and equipment.

General Syrskyi further noted that the Russian military is employing the Storm-Z and Storm-V units, composed largely of prisoners and members of military penal units, to lead assaults across various fronts.

In the Kupyansk direction, Russian offensive operations persist, with attempts to advance towards the village of Synkivka in the Kharkiv region.

Their goal is to propel the offensive towards the city of Kupyansk, but Ukrainian forces are successfully thwarting these attempts.

Additionally, in the Lyman direction, the enemy is amassing reserves and regrouping, indicating preparations for further offensive maneuvers.

Significant Russian losses have been reported since the beginning of the month in the Khortytsia operational-strategic group of troops' area of responsibility.

Over six and a half thousand Russian soldiers have been eliminated, and approximately eight hundred units of Russian military equipment have been destroyed or damaged. This includes 79 tanks, 136 armored vehicles, and 170 pieces of artillery.

This latest update highlights the resilience and effectiveness of Ukrainian forces in the face of continued Russian aggression.

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