Big warning from Israel

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.22 - 2023 10:45 AM CET

Big warning from Israel.

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Israel's military has escalated its warnings to Palestinians in northern Gaza, stating that failure to relocate south could lead to their being identified as "terrorist sympathizers."

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) conveyed this message through leaflets and mobile audio messages.

This is reported by Reuters.

The leaflet read,

"Urgent warning to residents of Gaza. Your presence north of Wadi Gaza puts your life in danger."

This comes amid ongoing Israeli airstrikes in Gaza following a deadly attack by Palestinian militant group Hamas on October 7.

While Israel has previously advised moving south, this is the first time the warning includes the risk of a "terrorist" label.

Palestinians argue that the journey south is risky due to the airstrikes, and some have already lost relatives in these attacks.

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