Canada Revises Russian Sanctions

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.16 - 2024 10:14 AM CET

Canada has adjusted its sanctions list, removing four Russian individuals.

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The Canadian government recently announced the lifting of sanctions against four individuals, including Olga Ayziman, the ex-wife of Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman.

This decision, documented in the Canada Gazette, comes after Ayziman was initially sanctioned in May 2022 but is now considered to no longer fit the criteria for such restrictions.

In addition to Ayziman, former Sberbank deputy chairmen Alexandra Buriko and Sergey Maltsev, along with Gazprom board member Alexander Dushko, have also seen their sanctions lifted by Canada.

International Sanctions and Implications

These individuals were part of a broader sanctions list intended to address global issues, but they are now viewed as no longer meeting the conditions for these sanctions.

While Canada has chosen to remove these individuals from its sanctions list, Olga Ayziman remains subject to sanctions by Ukraine, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

This decision follows Canada's previous action of lifting sanctions against Russian billionaire Oleg Boyko, founder of the Finstar Financial Group.

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