Cruise passenger banned for life for dangerous selfie

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.16 - 2023 7:24 PM CET

Cruise passenger banned for life for dangerous selfie

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A simple selfie turned out to be an expensive mistake for a passenger on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

The ship was en route to Labadee, a Caribbean peninsula near Haiti, when one passenger's journey came to an abrupt end.

While other passengers were eagerly looking forward to their Caribbean getaway, one woman had different plans. She recklessly climbed onto the railing of her cabin's balcony to pose for a photo.

This act did not go unnoticed. Another passenger saw the woman on the railing and, uncertain of her intentions, alerted the crew.

The crew confronted the reckless poser, leading to immediate consequences.

The woman was not let off the hook easily. She had to disembark the ship in Falmouth, a port city in Jamaica. But that was not all; the cruise line also imposed a lifetime ban on her.

A Common Occurrence

Unfortunately, this incident is not isolated. There are frequent occurrences where people pose dangerously for photos to share on social media. Many are not as fortunate as this cruise passenger.

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