Finland sounds alarm: Russia ready to take action

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.12 - 2023 11:23 AM CET

Russia ready to take action.

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Finland's Security Police has issued a statement warning that Russia is prepared to take actions against Finland.

The relations between the two countries have deteriorated significantly, and Russia now treats Finland as a hostile state.

The Security Police point to negative reporting about Finland in Russian media and the closure of the Finnish consulate in St. Petersburg as indicators.

Antti Pelttari, the head of Finland's Security Police, states that although Russia is currently focused on its operations in Ukraine and reducing its international isolation, the threat from Russian intelligence and influence in Finland has not disappeared.

The ongoing war in Ukraine, increasing tensions between Western countries and Russia, and the imposition of more sanctions are likely to escalate Russia's countermeasures against Finland.

The Finnish Security Police also assess that the threat from intelligence activities and influence targeting critical infrastructure has increased, particularly in marine infrastructure.

However, they consider it unlikely that actions that would cripple Finland's infrastructure will occur in the near future, given that NATO membership protects against the most violent forms of influence.

The Security Police's special researcher, Suvi Alvari, emphasizes that Russia's current influence against Finland mainly aims to instill fear. Possible actions could include information influence and weakening of remaining bilateral relations, such as withdrawing from remaining agreements.

Overload attacks could also create the perception that infrastructure and services are vulnerable, even if they are not actually damaged.

This warning comes shortly after the Finnish government confirmed that a gas pipeline in the Gulf of Finland has likely been sabotaged. Experts and assessors believe that Russia is behind the sabotage, viewing it as a reaction to Finland's NATO membership.

Marko Eklund, a Russia expert, states that Russia is one of the few actors with the resources to carry out such sabotage in the Baltic Sea, an area familiar to them for centuries.

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