First Democratic Senator Calls on Biden to Withdraw

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jul.11 - 2024 8:13 AM CET

The call for President Joe Biden to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race is growing louder within the Democratic Party.

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Pressure is growing for President Joe Biden to step down from running for re-election.

Peter Welch, a Democratic Senator from Vermont, has become the first senator to openly urge the 81-year-old president to withdraw "for the good of the country."

Growing Concerns Within the Party

Reports suggest that Chuck Schumer, the Democratic majority leader in the US Senate, has also shown openness to replacing Biden, as indicated by sources cited by Axios and Tagesschau. Schumer’s office, however, says he supports Biden and is committed to defeating Republican Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

According to Fox News, Democratic senators plan to meet with Biden on Thursday to voice their concerns.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, while not directly opposing Biden’s re-election, suggested it’s his decision to make. She said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, "I want him to do whatever he decides to do," and emphasized the urgency of his decision.

Hollywood star George Clooney, in an opinion piece for the New York Times, has offered his view on the current debate. He expressed his admiration for Biden but warned that the party risks losing the White House and Congress with him as the candidate.

Clooney's sentiment is reportedly shared by many senators, members of Congress, and governors.

Republican Pressure

Meanwhile, Republicans are increasing their attacks on Biden.

The chairman of the House Oversight Committee has summoned several high-ranking White House officials, accusing Biden’s team of covering up his health issues. Among those subpoenaed is a close adviser to First Lady Jill Biden.

Republicans argue that Biden is mentally unfit to perform his duties.

Upcoming Challenges for Biden

Biden, who is currently hosting NATO leaders in Washington, has reaffirmed his intention to run for re-election.

He faces a key test during the NATO summit’s final press conference, where he will address the press without a teleprompter — a situation where he has previously been prone to mistakes.

In an effort to demonstrate his capability, Biden has announced a new TV interview with NBC journalist Lester Holt, set to air on Monday evening. Last week, in his first post-debate interview with ABC, Biden stressed that only divine intervention could make him withdraw from the race.