Goodwill employee makes shocking discovery in donation box

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.10 - 2023 10:30 PM CET

Goodwill employee makes shocking discovery.

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In an unexpected turn of events, an employee at a Goodwill store in Goodyear, Arizona, made a shocking discovery.

While sorting through a box of donations, the worker found what was later confirmed to be a "historic" human skull, complete with front teeth and a prosthetic eye.

Goodwill stores are known for their eclectic mix of items, but a human skull is not something one would expect to find.

The skull was transported to the medical examiner's office, where it was determined to be of historical significance.

According to a spokesperson for the Goodyear Police Department, the skull was dropped off along with other taxidermy items over the weekend. S

tore employees didn't get to the box until late Tuesday, and the contents never made it to the sales floor. "This is an unusual one," commented Lisa Berry from the Goodyear Police Department.

While the investigation is still ongoing, officials have stated that they do not believe the skull is linked to any criminal activity.

The discovery has left many puzzled and intrigued, as it raises questions about the origin of the skull and how it ended up in a Goodwill donation box.

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