How a bowl of water can make your car drive longer

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.02 - 2023 9:00 PM CET

Did you know that a bowl of water can actually help you drive your car more efficiently?

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With the recent surge in fuel prices many car owners are looking for ways to save on fuel. Experts from Vanarama have shared some tips on how to make your fuel last longer, and one of them involves a simple bowl of water.

First and foremost, experts emphasize that careful driving is key to fuel efficiency.

Every time you use the brakes, energy is lost in the form of heat generated by the brake pads and discs. Additionally, unnecessary acceleration is a surefire way to waste fuel. Therefore, it's crucial to drive as cautiously as possible and anticipate when you'll need to brake.

The Bowl of Water Trick

Vanarama's top tip is to place a bowl of water on your passenger seat while driving.

If you spill the water, it means you're not driving carefully enough. This simple trick serves as a reminder to maintain a smooth driving style, which in turn helps save fuel.

Additional Tips for Fuel Efficiency

  • Declutter Your Car: Extra weight can make your car less efficient, requiring more fuel.

  • Don't Overfill the Tank: Fuel is heavy, adding extra weight to your car. Keep the tank less than full to reduce weight.

  • Remove Unnecessary Attachments: Bike racks and roof racks can increase fuel consumption.

  • Check Tire Pressure: Low tire pressure creates friction and heat, leading to higher fuel consumption.

  • Limit Air Conditioning Use: Constant use of the A/C can also increase fuel consumption.

  • Regular Maintenance: A blocked air filter or a slightly binding brake can also affect fuel efficiency.

  • Keep Windows Closed: Open windows create drag, increasing fuel consumption.

  • Plan Your Routes: The best way to reduce fuel consumption is to drive fewer miles. Optimize your routes, especially for longer trips.