How Much Money Crown Prince Frederik Will Receive When He Becomes King of Denmark

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.03 - 2024 12:34 PM CET

How Much Money Crown Prince Frederik Will Receive When He Becomes King of Denmark.

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In a recent report, the financial details of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark's salary have been disclosed, shedding light on the economic aspects of royal life. As the next in line to the Danish throne, Prince Frederik receives a significant monthly income, which is part of the royal family's overall financial arrangement.

According to information from Nyheder24, in 2023, Queen Margrethe, who will abdicate on January 14, received a monthly state allowance of 7.5 million Danish kroner ($1.1 Million). This amount also covered operational costs for the royal household. Her sister, Princess Benedikte, received 1.5 percent of this allowance.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, however, received what is known as "årpenge" – an annual allowance, rather than a state allowance. In 2023, Frederik received 1.9 million kroner ($280.000) per month, while Mary received 10 percent of this amount.

Frederiks brother, Prince Joachim received 330,450 kroner ($48.000) each month, while his wife, Princess Marie, did not receive any annual allowance.

It has not been announced what Queen Margrethe - who will retain her title after January 14 - will receive when she passes on the throne. However, it is known that Crown Prince Frederik will take over the 7.5 million Danish kroner per month from his mother when he becomes king.

It is noteworthy that members of the Danish royal family do not pay income tax, registration fees, or green taxes. This financial arrangement reflects the unique status of the royal family in Denmark and their role in the country's cultural and political landscape.

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