How Serious Was the Assault on Danish PM Mette Frederiksen? Here's What We Know

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jun.08 - 2024 12:36 PM CET

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There have been many different reports about the assault on Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. Was it a punch, was she knocked to the ground, or was it a hard shove? Our editorial team has taken an in-depth look at the case.

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It came as a major surprise to the Danish population and likely much of the world when news broke yesterday that the Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, had been assaulted in Copenhagen.

The incident occurred around 8:00 PM (local Copenhagen time), and it didn't take long for the news to spread to media outlets worldwide.

But how serious was this assault? Our Danish editorial team has investigated the matter, and here we provide a precise account of what happened and the actual severity of the assault.

What Happened Yesterday When Mette Frederiksen Was Assaulted

Around 8:00 PM (local Danish time), Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was taking a short walk on Kultorvet in Copenhagen, which is close to her residence.

As she was walking down the square, which was crowded with people, she was on her way to visit a café for a private matter.

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While walking with a man, another man approaching from the opposite direction came very close to her, and it was at this moment that the assault took place.

Initial reports suggested that the Danish Prime Minister had been hit or knocked to the ground, but this is not actually the case.

Two witnesses have spoken with the media outlet B.T., and the two young women stated that the man neither hit nor pushed with his hands. Instead, he forcefully, as he passed the Prime Minister, deliberately rammed his shoulder into her, causing her to be pushed hard to the side.

Afterwards, Mette Frederiksen appeared shocked, said a few words to the man she was walking with, and then sat down at a café.

A few moments later, the man was taken down by several men in suits, who were likely from the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, which almost always follows the Prime Minister.

What We Know About the Perpetrator?

Several media outlets quickly reported rumors that Denmark's 'anti-migrant' Prime Minister had been assaulted, leading to speculation that the perpetrator was of a different ethnic background.

However, there are no reports to support this claim. Our Danish media outlet has reported that the suspect is a tall, slender man with medium blond hair.

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Subsequently, the police confirmed that the suspect is a 39-year-old man, but there are no reports regarding his ethnicity or motive. It is plausible to think that it could be related to the ongoing EU election campaign, as there will be a vote on Sunday, June 9, to decide which politicians will go to Brussels for the next few years. However, this has not been confirmed as a motive.

What Happened to Mette Frederiksen?

Initial statements from Mette Frederiksen's party, the Social Democrats, indicated that she was shaken but not seriously harmed.

Nevertheless, the Prime Minister was taken to Rigshospitalet in Denmark for a check-up, and today's report is that she has sustained a minor whiplash injury due to the forceful shove.

As a result of the assault, the Prime Minister has canceled all planned events for Saturday.

The 39-year-old man who was arrested by the police is scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing at 1:00 PM local time on Saturday.

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