Is Google Maps Down? Widespread Outages Reported Across US Cities

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.14 - 2024 3:16 PM CET

Is Google Maps Down?

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Google Maps is currently experiencing widespread outages across several cities in the United States. Information gathered from Downdetector, a platform where users can report issues with various services, indicates a surge in reports within the last hour.

The issues seem to be affecting a broad swath of the country, with New York, Toronto, Tampa, Seattle, Denver, and Houston highlighted as hotspots for these disruptions.

According to user feedback compiled by Downdetector, the problems with Google Maps are varied in nature. Approximately 55% of the reports are related to issues with the search function of Google Maps, making it difficult for users to find locations or businesses.

Another 41% of users have encountered glitches within the Google Maps app itself, which could range from loading issues to complete app malfunctions. Additionally, a smaller segment of users, about 3%, has reported difficulties with the routing directions, an essential feature for navigation.

As of this writing, Google has yet to issue a statement regarding the outage or the underlying cause of the issues. The specifics of the problems users are encountering remain unclear.

Our team at attempted to perform a random city search on Google Maps, only to be met with a failure message indicating that the search could not be completed. This test further confirms the service disruptions that users are reporting across the board.

While the duration of the outage is currently unknown, it is hoped that service will be restored promptly.

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