Israeli foreign minister warns Gaza

Written by Jeppe W

Oct.20 - 2023 2:21 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

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In a recent interview with Israeli Army Radio, Minister Eli Cohen stated the war’s objectives against Hamas extend beyond the militant group's annihilation.

The announcement suggests an intention to diminish Gaza’s size. This declaration provides the most overt sign yet that Israel might be considering the annexation of parts of Gaza, a speculation that has been circulating among analysts.

Historically, Israeli officials have insinuated that changes to Gaza were on the horizon. However, direct references to altering the territory of Gaza had not been made.

Given the dynamics and complexities of the region, such statements hold considerable weight and potential ramifications.

Buffer Zones: A Likely Scenario?

The Times of Israel, a prominent news outlet, postulated that Israel's announcement could imply plans to introduce a buffer zone within Gaza. The intent behind such a move could be to thwart assaults against Israeli settlements along the border, reminiscent of the severe attack by Hamas in recent weeks.

The possibility of annexing part of Gaza or establishing a buffer zone raises several concerns. It would undoubtedly sour relations with the Palestinian inhabitants and the broader Arab community.

Given the intricate nature of peace negotiations in the region, such actions could present additional challenges to already fragile discussions.

U.S. President Joe Biden promptly addressed the issue, cautioning Israel against any occupation of Gaza and labeling it a "substantial error."

The U.S., as a pivotal player in the Middle East peace process, will closely monitor developments, especially given the potential for regional destabilization.

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