Judge 'explodes' at Trump

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.05 - 2023 3:30 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
Judge explodes at Trump.

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New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron lost his patience with Donald Trump's legal team during a recent civil fraud trial.

According to Daily Beast reporter Jose Pagliery The judge's frustration boiled over when Trump's lawyer, Jesus Suarez, continued to ask detailed questions to Donald Bender, a longtime Trump accountant, spanning from 2020 to 2011. Engoron exclaimed, "Jesus!" and accused the defense team of wasting time.

The defense argued that they needed to ask repetitive questions due to the statute of limitations relevant to the case.

However, Engoron was not convinced and instructed the lawyers to consolidate their questions. Despite agreeing, Suarez continued to prolong the questioning, prompting Engoron to raise his voice and state, "You're not allowed to waste time."

Another Trump attorney, Chris Kise, tried to assure the judge that they would streamline the process, but Engoron remained skeptical. Kise then questioned the judge's approach, hinting at a potential appeal. Engoron responded by saying his patience was wearing thin:

"I have a thick skin, but it's really being pierced here."

The courtroom tension highlighted the judge's growing impatience with what he perceived as delay tactics by Trump's legal team. Despite the heated exchange, the questioning continued, leaving the judge visibly frustrated.