Kim Jong-Un Orders Military to Prepare for War

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.28 - 2023 7:50 AM CET

Kim Jong-Un Orders Military to Prepare for War.

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North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un has issued a night-time order to his military to prepare for war, as reported by Reuters. The order also includes an acceleration of the nuclear program to counter what Kim describes as "unprecedented confrontation measures" from the United States.

This aggressive statement was made during a special meeting with the country's ruling Workers' Party. "Kim set forth the militant tasks for the people's army and the ammunition industry, nuclear weapons, and civil defense sectors to further accelerate war preparations," emphasized the state Korean news agency KCNA according to Reuters.

The dictator also highlighted that the "military situation" on the Korean Peninsula has become "extreme" due to confrontations with the United States mentioned earlier.

South Korea and Japan, in response, have deepened their political and defense cooperation with the United States in anticipation of what is feared to be a record series of weapon tests from Pyongyang. Recently, a system was activated to share real-time data on North Korean missile launches, as reported by Al Jazeera.

Earlier in December, an American nuclear-powered submarine arrived at the South Korean port city of Busan, while Washington deployed long-range bombers to train with South Korea and Japan. Meanwhile, North Korea claims to have successfully launched its first military spy satellite and tested the Hwasong-18 – the country's most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile.

Furthermore, Kim Jong-Un has enshrined in the country's constitution that North Korea will remain a nuclear power and less than a month ago warned that an invasion of South Korea is "only a matter of time."

Kim Jong-Un earlier this week defined the year 2023 as "a major turning point and change," where Pyongyang witnesses "eye-opening victories." The dictatorship has also deepened its ties with Vladimir Putin and Russia, with the latest statement from Kim indicating that cooperation will be further expanded.

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