King Charles III Condemns Russia's Aggression on Ukraine's Second Invasion Anniversary

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.25 - 2024 10:43 AM CET

King Charles III Condemns Russia's Aggression on Ukraine's Second Invasion Anniversary.

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On the solemn occasion marking two years since the onset of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, King Charles III extended his unwavering support to Ukraine, condemning the severe aggression the nation has endured. The conflict, described as the largest in Europe since World War II, has tragically entered its third year.

In his heartfelt statement on February 24, King Charles III lauded the resilience and courage of the Ukrainian people, who have faced unparalleled challenges to their sovereignty, safety, and way of life. "The unyielding spirit and bravery of the Ukrainian people, amidst the unprovoked assault on their homeland, continue to be a source of inspiration," he remarked.

The toll of the conflict has been devastating, with United Nations reports estimating that approximately 10,582 civilians have lost their lives, and another 19,875 have suffered injuries over the past two years. These figures, however, likely fall short of the actual numbers, especially in areas under Russian control, where accurate casualty counts are difficult to ascertain.

The conflict has also seen the tragic loss of at least 528 children, with 1,230 more injured, as reported by the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine. Furthermore, over 19,000 children have been forcibly taken by Russian forces, an act that underscores the harrowing impact of the war on the youngest and most vulnerable.

King Charles III, through his interactions with Ukrainian individuals ranging from President Zelensky and Mrs. Zelenska to newly enlisted soldiers training in the United Kingdom, expressed his deep admiration for the Ukrainian resolve.

"The heroism displayed by Ukrainians, despite the immense suffering they endure, epitomizes true valor against the backdrop of unspeakable aggression," he stated, reflecting on his personal encounters with those affected by the war.

The King's stance on the conflict has been clear and consistent, demonstrating solidarity with Ukraine from the war's inception. Notably, Russian President Vladimir Putin was conspicuously absent from the guest list for King Charles's coronation in May 2023, a decision that underscored the British monarch's disapproval of Russia's actions.

Earlier, in March 2023, King Charles had openly criticized Russia's "war of aggression on Ukraine" during a statement to the German parliament. His commitment to supporting Ukraine was further evidenced by his visit to Ukrainian military personnel undergoing training in the UK in February 2023, a gesture that highlighted the close ties between the UK and Ukraine during these trying times.

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