Lithuanian Prime Minister Ready to Send Soldiers to Ukraine on Training Mission

Written by Henrik Rothen

May.08 - 2024 1:26 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Lithuania's Prime Minister announces readiness to support Ukraine with a military training mission, pending an official request from Kyiv.

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Lithuania stands ready to dispatch military trainers to Ukraine, awaiting an official request from Kyiv.

Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte, in a recent interview with the Financial Times, highlighted that while the parliamentary go-ahead has been secured,

Ukraine has yet to call for such support.

Simonyte acknowledged the delicate balancing act Lithuania faces, with the potential for Russian backlash.

She pointed out that any move to support Ukraine militarily could be seen as a provocation by Moscow.

"If we just thought about Russia's reaction, we would not be able to send anything," Simonyte explained, underlining a steadfast commitment to aiding Ukraine despite external pressures.

Nuclear Concerns and Humanitarian Strains

The prime minister expressed skepticism over the likelihood of Russia resorting to nuclear warfare, given the self-damaging consequences of radioactive fallout.

Instead, she noted, Russia appears to be ramping up attacks on Ukrainian civilian targets, aiming to trigger a refugee crisis by targeting essential infrastructure like power plants, schools, and hospitals.

As Europe grapples with the influx of refugees, Simonyte reassured that Lithuania has no plans to forcibly return military-age Ukrainian men, citing EU provisions for temporary protection valid until March 2025.

However, she did not shy away from stating that those avoiding military duties in Ukraine might face restrictions on permanent residency in Lithuania.

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