Local observers spot 'Dragon's Teeth' as Russia reinforces Crimea

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.02 - 2023 6:50 PM CET

Photo: Private
Photo: Private
Local observers spot 'Dragon's Teeth' as Russia reinforces Crimea.

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Local partisans in Crimea have recently reported significant military activity, suggesting that Russia is reinforcing its defenses in the region. Observers have spotted the installation of "Dragon's Teeth" tank traps, as well as the transfer of air defense systems.

Anti-tank measures spotted

According to BNN Network the partisans, who are opposed to Russian rule in Crimea, have noticed the installation of "Dragon's Teeth," a type of anti-tank obstacle.

These structures are designed to slow down or stop the advance of armored vehicles, and their presence indicates a heightened state of military readiness.

In addition to the tank traps, the partisans also reported the transfer of air defense systems within Crimea. The movement of such equipment is generally considered a sign of preparation for potential aerial threats.

This increased military activity comes amid ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014, remains a point of contention, and the recent actions suggest that Russia is taking steps to further secure the region.

The bolstering of defenses in Crimea could have various implications. It may be a show of force, a preparation for potential conflict, or a response to perceived threats.

Regardless, the actions have caught the attention of local observers and are likely to raise concerns among international stakeholders.

By focusing on the observations made by local partisans, this article aims to provide a ground-level perspective on Russia's military activities in Crimea.

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