Love Actually Director reflects on film’s controversial scene 20 years later

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.01 - 2023 10:25 AM CET


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Richard Curtis, director of the romantic comedy "Love Actually," which premiered in 2003 and celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, has acknowledged the oddity of the film's most polarizing plot element.

Last year, he expressed discomfort over the lack of diversity in the film.

In a recent interview with The Independent, Curtis specifically addressed the infamous scene where Andrew Lincoln's character, who is hopelessly in love with his best friend's wife (played by Keira Knightley), declares his love through signs on her doorstep.

Curtis recognizes that the man's actions can be perceived as stalker-like, a view he has come to understand over time. "It's a bit strange," he admits, recalling his surprise years ago when an interviewer referred to it as the "stalker scene," a term he was unfamiliar with at the time.

While the scene was never intended to be creepy, Curtis now appreciates the different perspectives people might have on it.

He credits the film's success to the collective wisdom of many smart people involved, none of whom initially thought of it as a stalker scene. "But if it's interesting or funny for different reasons today, then God bless our progressive world," he says.

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