NATO Chief Stoltenberg Assures Ukraine Will Become Part of NATO

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.29 - 2024 9:20 AM CET

NATO Chief Stoltenberg Assures Ukraine Will Become Part of NATO.

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, in a recent interview with Fox News, affirmed that Ukraine is set to join NATO at a future stage.

This confirmation comes amidst ongoing discussions about the country's alignment and security amidst the conflict with Russia.

Stoltenberg emphasized the importance of supporting Ukraine, not just for the Alliance but also for the United States, especially considering the potential challenges a confrontation with Russia could pose should Ukraine become a NATO member.

He reiterated NATO's foundational purpose of preventing wars and highlighted the principle of sovereign nations having the right to choose their own path, a right he insists applies equally to countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Ukraine.

Reflecting on historical precedents, Stoltenberg, originally from Norway, shared that when Norway joined NATO, the Soviet Union perceived it as a provocation. Yet, he maintained that the decision of a nation to join NATO is a sovereign choice that must be respected.

Moreover, Stoltenberg stressed the significance of thwarting Russian President Vladimir Putin's ambitions in Ukraine. Failure to do so, he cautioned, could potentially signal a "green light" for other authoritarian regimes. According to Stoltenberg, supporting Ukraine is crucial for NATO and the U.S., and extending an invitation for Ukraine to become a full member of the Alliance in the future is a part of this support.