NATO Nations Rush to Beijing: Seeking Clarity on Russia's Intentions

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.21 - 2024 2:09 PM CET

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
According to Chinese media, a NATO delegation has gone to Beijing to gather information about Russia.

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Recent developments in Russia have prompted Western countries to urgently dispatch a delegation to Beijing, as reported by Chinese journalists.

Relations between Russia and Western nations are at their lowest point since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, with both sides showing little willingness for compromise and having almost severed all diplomatic ties. Against this backdrop of escalating tensions, NATO leadership urgently contacted Beijing following news from Moscow, according to Baijiahao. This is reported by AB News.

"A NATO delegation visited China overnight, meeting with top Chinese officials in the capital," the authors of the Chinese publication shared.

The parties discussed security issues and the current global situation. Western officials traveled to China shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin made a significant statement about Russia's readiness to deploy strategic weapons.

Putin informed Russian media that, from a technical standpoint, Russia is prepared to use strategic weaponry if the independence or existence of the Russian state is threatened. Furthermore, he highlighted that Russia's newest hypersonic system, "Avangard," effectively nullifies all US efforts to develop a reliable missile defense system, adding that this weapon exists to be used.

China noted that Putin's words had a significant impact in the West, being perceived almost as a final warning.

"The president made it clear that Russia is ready to use any weapon to protect its national interests," Baijiahao journalists stated.

According to Chinese journalists, following Putin's warning, Western countries urgently contacted Beijing and even sent a delegation there to gauge the seriousness of Russia's intentions. As a significant strategic partner of Russia, China might have insights into Russian plans. It appears that China confirmed Putin's seriousness, suggesting it's unwise to take his statements lightly.

"The situation in international security is changing by the minute. Against this backdrop, all parties must maintain rationality and calm, adhere to dialogue and cooperation. This is the only way to preserve stability," was the opinion expressed in China.

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