Offered a $9,000 Bribe to Exit Ukraine

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.18 - 2024 12:13 PM CET

Photo: State Border Service of Ukraine
Photo: State Border Service of Ukraine
A man's attempt to bribe a border guard with $9,000 for unauthorized exit from Ukraine during martial law was foiled.

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In Lviv, Ukraine, a 29-year-old man and his friend were detained by law enforcement after attempting to bribe a border guard to facilitate their unauthorized departure from the country during martial law.

Lacking the necessary documents for legal exit, the duo resorted to offering a $9,000 bribe to a border guard at the "Sheghina" department of the Lviv detachment, an offer that was promptly rejected. This was reported by the State Border Service of Ukraine.

The bribe attempt was swiftly documented through urgent investigative actions.

This involved a joint interdepartmental group comprised of the Lviv border detachment's internal and internal security department, the Security Service of Ukraine's Lviv region operatives, and investigators from the National Security Service in the Lviv region. All these efforts were under the procedural guidance of the Lviv specialized prosecutor's office in the field of defense of the Western region.

The solicitor was apprehended under Art. 208 of the CPC of Ukraine and subsequently charged under part 3 of Art. 369 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for offering an illegal benefit to an official.

This offense carries a potential sentence ranging from four to eight years of imprisonment.

The investigation into this bribery attempt continues as authorities work to uphold the integrity of Ukraine's border control amid ongoing martial law.

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