Putin aims to isolate Ukraine: A new cunning plan to win the war

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.04 - 2023 1:39 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
A new cunning plan to win the war.

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According to journalists from "The New York Times," Vladimir Putin has devised a new strategy to win the war in Ukraine.

He is banking on the United States and Western countries ceasing their support for Kyiv, allowing him to then move tanks into the capital. To achieve this, he has activated a secret weapon that the Russians have been nurturing for years.

Putin, who had ordered the capture of Kyiv and was confident of defeating his neighbor within three days, has no intention of withdrawing troops. Now, he has a new plan aimed at securing a battlefield triumph, something he has been seeking for over a year.

The Russian President believes that the key to victory lies in isolating Ukraine from the support it receives from the U.S. and Western countries. Without heavy equipment, ammunition, and humanitarian aid, Russia would be able to win a war of attrition against the Ukrainians and then launch an offensive to gain control over Kyiv.

Hybrid operations across Europe and the U.S.

According to "The New York Times" journalists, who cite high-ranking officials in the Biden administration and intelligence members, Putin is counting on pro-Russian politicians rising to power in various European countries.

Once they take control, they will cut off aid to Ukraine, leaving it entirely isolated.

This scenario has already played out in Slovakia, where the pro-Russian party Smer, led by former Prime Minister Robert Fico, won the parliamentary elections.

Fico immediately announced that he would cut military aid to Kyiv and push for peace with Russia. Putin has gained significant support; Slovakia is the second country, alongside Hungary, to side with him.

The next steps for Russia

Russia's next move is to change the leadership in other countries that support Ukraine. There will be plenty of opportunities, as elections are continually taking place, such as the upcoming elections in Poland on October 15 or in the U.S.

The Russians are focusing their efforts on America, where they dream of removing President Joe Biden from power. How? By helping Donald Trump win the elections, who openly supports Vladimir Putin.

Americans will choose a new president in 2024, and Donald Trump stands a good chance of defeating Joe Biden. This would be an ideal scenario for the Russians, as the lack of support from the U.S. would significantly weaken Ukraine and dampen European countries' enthusiasm for providing military aid to Kyiv. Putin is well aware of this and plans to act accordingly.

Therefore, using their intelligence services, the Russians intend to widely spread propaganda in favor of pro-Russian political parties and fuel conspiracy theories, destabilizing various countries and changing their political landscape.

They also plan to leverage new technologies, maintaining vast troll farms.

If Ukraine ends up isolated, Russia will defeat it in a war of attrition and exhaustion.

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