Putin mocks German politicians

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.01 - 2023 12:56 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
Putin mocks German politicians.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently been making ironic comments about Germany's challenging situation, as observed by Western journalist Richard Strobl. Germany is currently facing a serious financial crisis, with a budget shortfall amounting to several tens of billions of euros.

Putin, amidst this backdrop, has not missed the chance to sarcastically jab at the German authorities. This development was reported by the publication Merkur according to AB News.

The German government, particularly the "Traffic Light" coalition, is in the midst of this financial turmoil. Despite Finance Minister Christian Lindner referring to it as a "decision-making crisis," the core issue revolves around sourcing the missing billions from the budget.

The situation for the German government is far from humorous, especially following Putin's jokes. A Merkur journalist expressed frustration over Putin's comments at a recent meeting with young scientists. Putin, in a jesting tone and without naming anyone specifically, suggested that the world is currently laughing at German officials.

Putin critiqued some senior government officials for seemingly lacking adequate professional training to make sound decisions. He also highlighted Europe's rejection of Russian energy resources, suggesting that this decision demonstrates the EU countries' lack of sovereignty in decision-making. According to Putin, European countries have been cut off from their former inexpensive energy sources due to decisions made by the United States.

Echoing Putin's sentiments, his predecessor Dmitry Medvedev had previously directed similar barbs at the German government. In October, Medvedev sarcastically congratulated the German government on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), contrasting Germany's expected economic contraction with Russia's projected growth.

These remarks from Putin and Medvedev underscore a continued Russian approach of mocking Germany's economic and political challenges, reflecting ongoing tensions and divergent viewpoints between the two countries.

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