Putin Spotlights Xenophobia as the Terrorists' Aim in the Crocus City Attack

Written by Henrik Rothen

Apr.02 - 2024 2:07 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
Putin named the true goal of the terrorists in Crocus.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin pinpointed the increase of xenophobia and Islamophobia as primary objectives behind the recent terrorist strike at Crocus City Hall.

During an extended board meeting of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Putin voiced his concern over the misuse of the tragic event to fuel hatred and division within Russia.

"The main goal of those behind this act was to fragment our unity," he asserted, emphasizing the need for collective resilience against such divisive tactics.

Putin's comments come in the wake of the attack, shedding light on the deeper implications beyond the immediate physical damage.

The President's remarks were a call to action against the potential social rifts that such acts of terror aim to create.

"It's crucial we stand together, not letting recent incidents be manipulated into breeding ground for hatred like Islamophobia or xenophobia," Putin stated, underlining the importance of unity in the face of attempts to divide the nation.

Further delving into the aftermath of the incident, Putin made a stern promise to trace and bring to justice not just the direct perpetrators but also those who orchestrated the attack from the shadows.

"Identifying every link in this chain, including the ultimate beneficiaries of this crime, is imperative," he declared. This statement underscores a comprehensive approach towards justice, ensuring that all parties involved, directly or indirectly, are held accountable.

The Russian President also highlighted the ongoing assessment of various services and commercial entities in relation to the attack, pointing towards a thorough examination of all angles.

This includes scrutinizing the actions of those who might have facilitated, knowingly or unknowingly, the environment for such a tragedy to occur. Putin's commitment to "get their hands on them" signals a rigorous pursuit of justice, extending beyond the immediate circle of attackers to encompass a wider network of associated figures.

Although ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terrorist act at Crocus City Hall, Russian President Vladimir Putin and the country's officials are casting a wider net of suspicion, with Ukraine being hinted at as a potential orchestrator behind the scenes.