Russia intensifies attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure, British Intelligence reports

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.10 - 2023 2:15 PM CET


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The British Ministry of Defense has reported a significant escalation in Russia's military strategy against Ukraine, focusing particularly on the Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

In a detailed review shared by the British Ministry and reported by European Pravda, it was revealed that on the night of December 7, 2023, the Russian Air Force initiated a major offensive using heavy bombers, marking a notable increase in coordinated efforts to cripple Ukraine's energy facilities.

This attack, the first of its kind since September 21, 2023, saw the deployment of at least 16 air-launched cruise missiles, most likely from Tu-95 bombers operating over the Caspian Sea. The missiles used were identified as AS-23a KODIAK (the NATO designation for Kh-101, Kh-102 missiles).

According to British analysts, these missiles were likely stockpiled by Russia specifically for a winter campaign aimed at debilitating Ukraine's energy sector.

Despite the severity of this assault, initial reports indicate a significant success for Ukrainian air defenses, which managed to intercept most of these missiles. This response highlights Ukraine's resilience and preparedness in the face of escalating attacks. However, there was still a reported civilian casualty and an injury as a result of the attack.

This development comes amidst ongoing logistical challenges faced by Russia's Black Sea Fleet in Novorossiysk, which, according to the British Ministry of Defense, has impacted Russia's ability to launch cruise missile attacks on Ukraine. The latest strikes represent a more aggressive and coordinated approach by Russia to undermine Ukraine's energy infrastructure, a move that could have far-reaching consequences for the civilian population as winter sets in.

The situation remains tense and dynamic, with both sides demonstrating significant military capabilities. The international community continues to monitor these developments closely, as they have significant implications for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.